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11/21/2012 N.J. Republicans seek easing of minimum wage increase

11/19/2012 YouTube: November 2012 Press conference on Min. Wage

11/19/2012 N.J. Senate Committee Advances Minimum Wage Bill

11/19/2012 88.3 WBGO: Senate Panel Approves Minimum Wage Hike

11/19/2012 The Star Ledger: N.J. Senate Panel Approves Minimum Wage Increase

11/19/2012 NJ Biz: Business groups set for battle as minimum wage hearings get under way

11/19/2012 Newsroom NJ: N.J. Assembly Speaker Oliver Talks Turkey: Give New Jersey’s Working Families a Reason to Really Give Thanks with a Strong Minimum Wage Increase

11/19/2012 NJ Today: Debate Over Minimum Wage Increase Continues

Celebrating our Movement: National Summit on Paid Sick Days and Paid Family Leave - Family Values at Work

7/30/2012 NIOSH Science Blog: Making the Case for Paid Sick Leave

6/15/2012 Family Values at Work- Blog: How to Honor Our Fathers

5/23/2012 The Star Ledger: Minimum Wage Hike Will Create Jobs

5/20/2011 The Star Ledger: Study Claims Paid Sick Leave Improves Public Health

5/20/2011 Rutgers University: Paid Sick Days for Private Sector Jobs Would Significantly Improve Health in New Jersey

5/19/2011 Study: N.J. Workers, Firms Benefit From Paid Sick Leave

5/19/2011 The Home News Tribune: Rutgers Study: Paid Sick Days Keeps Us Healthier

5/19/2011 Asbury Park Press: Rutgers Study: Paid Sick Days Keeps Us Healthier

8/23/2010 Imagining A World With Paid Sick Days"

7/15/2010 New Jersey's Family Leave Program Helps Workers Have A Work-Home Life Balance

7/14/2010 Family Values at Work: New Jersey Family Leave Insurance Program: The Sky Has Not Fallen

7/05/2010 NJ Policy Perspective: Family Leave Insurance Gets High Marks On First Anniversary

6/27/2010 Asbury Park Press: New Jersey's Paid Family Leave Program A Success

11/02/2009 The New York Times: Lack of Paid Sick Days May Worsen Flu Pandemic

9/24/2009 The Star Ledger: More Than 5,000 N.J. Residents Have Received Paid Family Leave So Far

1/27/2009 Forbes: When Should You Call in Sick?

2/26/2008 The New York Times: Catching Up On Family Values

2/11/2008 The Express Times: Make N.J. A Worker-Friendly State

2/07/2008 The Star Ledger: Paid Leave Deserves To Pass

1/30/2008 Home News Tribune: Paid Family Leave Plan Is Good For Jersey

1/29/2008 Press of Atlantic City: Family Leave of 6 Paid Weeks Gains In New Jersey

1/29/2008 Courier Post Online: Paid Family Leave Bill Advances

1/27/2008 Newsday: Effort Renewed To Let Workers Take Paid Leave

1/27/2008 The Star Ledger: Trenton's Reunion With Family Leave

1/22/2008 N.J Family-Leave Bill To Be Revived

1/22/2008 Today's Sunbeam: Sweeney Amends Family Leave Bill

1/21/2008 NJ Biz: New Paid Family Leave Bill Unveiled

1/13/2008 Courier Post Online: Paid Family Leave Measure Necessary In State

1/04/2008 Newsday: Democratic Leaders: Ethics Overhaul, Paid Family Leave Top Agenda

12/31/2007 N.J. Family-Leave Bill: Compassion vs. Cost

12/30/2007 Today's Sunbeam: Sweeney Confident Over Paid Leave Bill"

12/24/2007 Asbury Park Press: Who Bears the Burden?

12/23/2007 Paid Family Leave Looms As Major Unfinished Business

12/17/2007 The Times of Trenton: Family Leave

12/16/2007 Courier Post Online: Family Leave Foes Do Not Want to Listen

12/14/2007 Courier Post Online: Roberts Says Family Leave Plan Will Soon Become Law

12/13/2007 Modest Worker Protection Should Pass

12/13/2007 The Star Ledger: Move On Paid Family Leave

12/12/2007 Home News Tribune: Paid Family Leave's Time Has Arrived

12/12/2007 Paid Family Leave To Be N.J. Reality

12/12/2007 The Star Ledger: Corzine Defends Family Leave Before Critics

12/12/2007 The Times of Trenton: Paid Family Leave

12/10/2007 Paid Leave Backers Find New Use For Onesies

12/07/2007 Asbury Park Press: Key Committee Chairman Expects Family Leave Vote

12/06/2007 Robots Don't Need Paid Family Leave

12/02/2007 The Times of Trenton: Family Matter

12/01/2007 The Star Ledger: Governor Is Intent On Passage Of Paid Family Leave Law

11/29/2007 The Philadelphia Inquirer: Help N.J. Caregivers

11/23/2007 The Express Times: Lawmakers Should Approve Paid Leave"

11/22/2007 The Star Ledger: Paid Family Leave Now

11/19/2007 Newsday: Paid Leave Plan Gets Boost In New Jersey