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Weinberg and Dem Colleagues Launch Earned Sick Days Campaign

"New Jersey's bill, if passed, would cover all workers and give them the ability to not only stay home to care for themselves when sick, but for a family members, including children, parents, siblings, grandparents and grandchildren. Unlike the Connecticut law, the New Jersey bill covers all workers regardless of the size of the business or the industry sector in which it falls."

New Jersey Time to Care Coalition

When serious illness or a family emergency arises, many workers face a painful choice between caring for children, parents, spouses and partners or showing up for work and earning a day's pay. The inability to provide the nurturing, support and compassion to those close to us hurts our families and weakens our communities.

Everyone benefits when workers are able to balance job obligations and family needs. Giving workers financial security by allowing them to take paid leave to deal with a child's illness or a parent's recovery from a stroke not only improves outcomes for children and families, but also raises worker morale and productivity. Paid "time to care" means strong families, strong workplaces, and strong communities.

The New Jersey Time to Care Coalition is a diverse group of organizations that support initiatives that make sure working families have time to care.

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